Neck Pain

Neck pain can arise from any number of conditions, and it is up to your chiropractor to pinpoint the cause. It can be from muscle strain or tension, whiplash from a car accident, or the result of a herniated disc in the neck (cervical spine). Your chiropractor will use a variety of diagnostic tools to uncover the cause of neck pain, and then will develop a customized course of treatment designed not only to alleviate pain and restore range of motion, but also to correct the cause through ergonomic (work) posture retraining, spinal manipulation and physical therapy, if needed.

Many people are concerned about having their neck “snapped” by a chiropractor, unless they are one of the fortunate people who have their neck adjusted and who know it is associated with tension release, increased range of motion and relief of pain. Neck manipulation performed by a trained chiropractic professional is a precise and gentle pinpoint treatment designed to correct spinal restrictions and return the cervical spine to its optimum state.

Headaches & Migraines

Headache is one of the most common conditions known to man. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches, either occasionally or on a more chronic basis. Headaches are divided into primary headaches (which account for 95% of headaches) and those headaches which signal another physical condition.

Headaches can be dull, sharp, throbbing or extremely painful, as in migraine or cluster headaches. Nausea can be another symptom, along with increased sensitivity to light and sound. Several factors can trigger headache onset, the most common triggers include stress, tension, allergies, colds and flu viruses, insomnia, even food. A common culprit is modern sedentary society, these days many of us sit for hours in front of a computer, which can create joint irritation and muscle tension in the neck, upper back and scalp.

What can a Chiropractor Do?

The most important thing your chiropractor will do is properly diagnose the type and source of the headache. If it’s originating from subluxations (misalignments) in the neck and spine, he/she will perform spinal manipulation and other adjustments to reduce stress and eliminate neck and back tension. It’s important to know the cause of these misalignments, whether they be sports activities, sitting in fixed positions too long, or lack of exercise, your chiropractor will determine the cause and create a program of treatment involving chiropractic treatment, diet, proper ergonomic (work) postures, exercise and relaxation techniques.


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