What is a Sprain?

A sprain is an injury to the body that results in a stretching or tearing of a ligament, (which connects a bone to another bone) or a joint capsule, which supplies support to the joint.

What causes Sprains?

Sprains happen when a joint is pushed past its normal range of motion. The most common sprains are to ankles, knees and feet. This can occur through sports, weak muscles tone, improper warming up before exercise, heavy lifting or pregnancy.

What is a Strain?

Strains occur when the muscles or tendons (fibrous tissues that attach muscles to bones) are twisted, pulled or torn.

What Causes Strains?

Strains are brought about when muscles are stretched and suddenly contract. The most common strains are to hamstrings and the groin area, and usually occur with excessive repetitive motion, overly intense training without proper rest in between, overstretching or a direct blow to the body.

How does a Chiropractor Treat Sprains and Strains?

If these injuries are to the lower extremities (knees, ankles, feet) treatment may include icing, stretching, muscle testing and spinal manipulation along with home exercises and advice. If strains or sprains are in the back, treatment also often includes ice and pressure during the first 24 to 48 hours after injury, after which spinal manipulations, physical therapy and restorative toning home exercise advice will be employed. Our LCT1000 Class IV Laser Treatment may be added to rapidly relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.

How Can Strains and Sprains be Prevented?

Regular exercise is key, including proper stretching, this will strengthen and tone the body and make strains and sprains less likely. Good body mechanics are essential, including proper sitting, standing and lifting techniques. Smoking interferes with blood flow to the tissues, and should be stopped. The body should maintain a healthy weight, and a well-balanced diet should be followed.


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