How Chiropractic & Traditional Medicine Differ

In a nutshell, chiropractors and traditional medical doctors approach disease from opposite ends of the spectrum. MDs believe disease causes ill health, whereas chiropractic practitioners believe ill health leads to disease.

Traditional medical doctors have become expert at treating the body in crisis mode, when health has faltered to the point where various disease processes can take hold. Symptoms are treated with drugs and surgery, which weaken the already compromised patient even further, allowing opportunistic infections and/or side effects to take their toll. The body is seen as a series of organs and tissues, instead of vital parts of a whole human being.

Chiropractors are trained to see their patients’ disorders as evidence that the patient’s body is out of balance, due to a variety of factors including genetic predisposition, physical and emotional habits and attitudes, and dietary and exercise deficits. They work with the patient to correct physical imbalances through spinal manipulation and physical therapy, and educate the patient on proper diet and exercise regimens.

There has traditionally been a lack of appreciation between the traditional medical establishment and the chiropractic community, but this is slowly changing. Over time the irrefutable evidence that chiropractic care works to create favorable, drug-free and natural relief from a variety of conditions has led many in the medical profession to acknowledge that there is a very valuable place for chiropractic care in the healthcare spectrum.


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